Home Theater Vs Soundbar? Which is the Best for You?

Home entertainment systems have come a long way from bulky televisions of the past to the modern ultra-sleek bezel-less displays. As the physical dimensions of televisions reduced, so did their pros and cons. While older televisions were bulky no doubt, they had ample room for integration of powerful speakers. Hence, they were marketed as a complete package for home entertainment needs with both great video and audio. Modern televisions, however, are very slim in construction and therefore do not have the real estate for powerful speakers which can match the stunning displays. This shortcoming created a strong need for quality audio in home entertainment systems. With the evolution of technologies, the concept of home theatres finally became a reality.

Home Theatres: The Saviour of Home Entertainment Seekers

Cinematic sound experience was now easily attainable in homes thanks to the advent of home theatres. AVR consoles together with individual speakers for each channel changed home entertainment game as humans knew it before.

Everything Was Not Okay With Home Theatres

While home theatres were no doubt a significant milestone in the evolution of home entertainment systems, it did come with its own set of problems. Home theatre systems are made up of numerous discrete components. Setting them up usually requires professional help. Additionally, if the people shifted their residences or the if layout of the furniture or appliances changed, the whole home theatre setup had to be redone. This meant alteration of the wiring and installation of fixtures which hold the speakers. So home theatre setups only made sense for those people who could afford to have a dedicated room for movie watching. Additionally, people who periodically relocated would have to go through the entire set up process over and over again.

Behold the Ingenious Soundbar at Last!!

The shortcomings of the home theatre were a deal-breaker for many people who desired cinematic experience at their homes. The need for an easy to install and flexible sound system was strongly felt in the market. Thankfully, soundbars were just around the corner. They were a godsend for the vast majority of people. Soundbars were not only easy to set up and rearrange, but also light on the pocket as well, owing to their single device design.

Why Soundbars Are Not the Perfect Solution They Were Thought to Be? While soundbars were a prolific solution to the growing needs of home entertainment, it nevertheless had its own set of shortcomings. As all the speakers come in one single unit and the soundbar itself is placed just below the television, soundbars are unable to produce the same level of immersive sound that home theatres provide. A standard soundbar comes with just left and right channels, which is akin to a dual-channel setup, unlike the 5.1 or 7.1 options that the home theatres come in.

Home Entertainment Nirvana Closer Than Ever Before

Thankfully this shortcoming has been pretty much dealt with already. Advancements in sound and wireless technology have given rise to wireless rear speakers. Some expensive soundbars now come with wireless rear speakers which make up for the lack of immersive sound experience. The strides are so huge that the coveted Dolby Atmos is now available in soundbars as well. These soundbars come with upward-facing speakers which reflect the sound off the roof to create the in location effect.

So home theatres or soundbars? Which is right for you?

While soundbars are getting better in performance every year, they still are unable to surpass the high degree of immersive experience that home theatres can offer. So, if you have a dedicated movie watching room and can afford to buy a home theatre, then there is no reason why one should not invest in a good home theatre. However, if uncomplicated setup or flexibility of relocation is your primary need, then soundbars are the most practical option available right now.



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