Reminiscing My First Ever Digital Content Writing Course! Why is It So Special?

Writing has been a passion of mine for quite a while now. Unsurprisingly, I was naturally talented at it. I was pretty confident that my content/copywriting game was on point, due to all the appreciation I had received over the years. So when I first came across the Content Vidhya six-day content writing course on Instagram; I was kind of sceptical about signing up for it. Nevertheless, I had never undergone any formal training on this and thought I should take this up at least for the certificate. Boy oh boy!!, am I glad I signed up for this when I did. For the first time, I am able to ascertain where exactly my writing needed improvement and what I was not devoting enough attention to. Just goes on to show that, that there is always room for improvement no matter how far along one has come.

Day 1:

It is a Content Driven world” this simple quote struck an enlightening chord with me. The effectiveness of good content was made abundantly clear to me. I learned the importance of a good headline and how to come up with one utilising the internet. In addition to his, I learned the broad classifications of writing.

Day 2:

On this day, I learnt how to embody passion for something through my writing. While my love for writing was evident in my content, the passion for the topic I am writing about was not immediately apparent. Thankfully, that is not the case anymore. In addition to this, I learnt to efficiently streamline my content development process, which is sure to take my content to a whole new level altogether.

Day 3:

The subtle differences between content writing and copywriting were discussed in detail on this day. Additionally, I learnt what effective copywriting looks like, including the various elements which constitute it such as landing page, FAQs et cetera.

Day 5:

The subheading above is not a typo. Day 4 was off in order to provide sufficient time for the copywriting assignment. So, with that resolved I’d like to focus on the learnings of day 5. On this day, I learnt how to zero in on my niche and the specifics I needed to focus on while doing it. I totally enjoyed this process as I had not done an introspection in quite a while. Additionally, I learnt the effective use of keywords.

Day 6:

Last but not the least, this day’s session began with subtleties of research for content writing. It then progressed to leveraging online graphic design tools for empowering the content. I then learnt all the other things a content writer needs to do to advance in his/her career. All in all, this was a great learning experience. One that I will cherish throughout my life. Thank you for everything Uma Madhavi ma’am, I am extremely grateful to you for teaching this course.



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