What Happens When Humans Discover the Secret of Immortality?

The very thought of immortality has mixed connotations for many people. On the plus side, it will allow people to master numerous careers and explore everything that our beautiful world has to offer. Contrastingly, people might lose their interest in life altogether as it is bound to become boring eventually. But these implications are just a bird’s eye view of how life will change for us humans when immortality is achieved. Let us explore it in great detail in the following paragraphs.

How relationships will change?

Currently, there are about 7.8 billion people on our beloved planet, and when immortality becomes a reality, there will be a major upheaval. The institution of marriage for starters might change into something like this, life-long commitment to one partner may become outdated. Considering that life spans will increase drastically, marriages might turn into long term commitments which people undertake from time to time based on their circumstances.

How careers will change?

On the work front, people may have to work for many years beyond their sixties, as no pension plan will be able to support their retirement which is likely to span multiple centuries if not millennia. This also implies that skilled workers would continue to serve for many years in their industry, thus amping up productivity to newer heights than before.

On the flip side, the newer workforce might find it that much more harder to find jobs and grow their career. Considering that work experience is extremely hard to substitute by anything else that we know of.

How everyday life will be affected?

Immortality is likely to cause stagnation of morals and principles as well, as the people at the seniormost levels will continue to remain there enforcing their views. So contemporary views such as the abolition of racism might never see the light of day.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, motivation levels of people are likely to drop down, as the time available to achieve great goals will have no limits. Humans have a high propensity for procrastination and this tendency is likely to be strengthened. As a result, general contentment levels could fall down significantly and along with it gratefulness for life.

The neverending problem of overcrowding

The amount of land available for human utilisation is fixed and is rapidly decreasing each year with the growing population. With the advent of immortality, this problem will scale new heights unheard of before. The limited natural resources will be subject to even more burden which will increase exponentially as the days pass. A newer and more dreadful set of problems will begin to unravel, bringing mankind to its knees in a short period of time if it has not already happened. The margin for error to rectify this will virtually be non-existent making it even more challenging.

The surprising surge in crimes

The relationship between immortality and crime rates are not obvious at first, but start to make sense on a deeper analysis. While thirty years of rigorous imprisonment may seem daunting to criminals now, it might not continue to be once immortality is ubiquitous. The increased imposition of capital punishments is not morally feasible and even if implemented may face stiffer resistance as immortality will come to be accepted as a universal right. The rehabilitation of criminals will undergo changes continuously as it encounters newer challenges with the increasing burden.



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